redtoffee (redtoffee) wrote in dw_aus,

1 day left on current signed items on EBAY

One day left on items on EBAY charity auction until April 15th including signed photos of:

Sir David Jason (Only Fools and Horses)
Camille Coduri (Doctor Who)
Jamie Oliver (chef)
Joan Rivers (comedian)
Esther Anderson (Home and Away)
Kevin Kuranyi (Schalke 04 football player)
Morgan Baker (Neighbours)
Alan Fletcher (Neighbours)
Adam Woodyatt (Eastenders)
Kate Winslet Pre-print (Titanic)
Eloise Mignon unsigned (Neighbours)
Andrew Castle (GMTV)
Aaron Pritchett (Country singer)
Laurie Brett (Eastenders)

All profits from this auction are going to top quality biomedical research into ME/CFS.

Information and photos can be found on the WAMCARE blog here:

The link EBAY shop is here:

Thank you for all your support, please spread the word!
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